Solveig Eggerz

writer, storyteller, teacher

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Selkonan/Seal Woman published in Icelandic by Tindur, Akureyri, 2017

Krummi, an Icelandic literary organization, nominated Seal Woman for its Red Feather Award for interesting sex scenes.

Seal Woman first published 2008 by Ghost Road Press. Also available in Icelandic, translator Hólmfríður K. Gunnarsdóttir.

Seal Woman published in Hebrew, April 2011, by Schocken Publishing.


First Prize Fiction, Maryland Writers Association

Finalist 2009 Eric Hoffer Award

"Editor's Choice" Nov. 2008 Historical Novels Review

Book-of-the-Month, January 2010, American Association of University Women

Virginia Writers Club
2009 Golden NIB Contest Winner
First Prize Fiction, short story "The Midwife"

"The most powerful words in the English language are 'tell me a story.'"---Pat Conroy

A seal woman is a person of dual consciousness, someone who grew up in several countries, always aware of the home country, the place of "belonging," the place that lives in the heart but remains unattainable. The seal woman teeters between Now and Then and Here and There. It has been my experience.

Launching Defying Gravity, an anthology of DC women writers, edited by Richard Peabody

The selkie or seal woman from the legend depicted at Mikladalur, Faroe Islands by artist Hans Pauli Olsen. She holds her sealskin or "hood" in her hand and emerges as a beautiful woman, who entices lonely farmers to fall in love with her.

SEAL WOMAN. Charlotte is the seal woman, a creature of two worlds, Iceland and Germany. Memories of her Jewish first husband Max and their daughter--whose fate remains unresolved--haunt her every day existence and threaten to eclipse the reality of two young sons, a farmer husband, a cow to milk and a shed to clean out.


"In this fierce and poignant novel, Solveig Eggerz deftly transports her readers between Germany and Iceland as her heroine struggles to come to terms with her past and present."
--Margot Livesey, author of The House on Fortune Street

"Solveig Eggerz takes us to a littoral world where ancient legend touches everyday life as surely and constantly as the North Sea meets the East Coast of Iceland."

--Dan Yashinsky, author of Suddenly They Heard Footsteps:Storytelling for the Twenty-First Century

"I found this book almost impossible to put down; Charlotte's secrets will haunt you for a long time."

--Robert Bausch, author of Out of Season

"The blend of knowledge about Berlin during the war with rural life in Iceland and with the development of Charlotte is intriguing, gripping, thought provoking."

--Dorothy U. Seyler, author of Read, Write, and Reason

"Set in the tough but beautiful landscape of Iceland, a wonderfully written story about the triumph of love, strength, and art over crippling loss."

--Barbara Esstman, author of A More Perfect Union